Monday, November 28, 2011

Way back when...

I finished my BSN degree, I decided to take a quilting class as part of the celebration, at a shop (no longer there, alas) in Battle Creek, MI.  It was a sampler class.  We were supposed to end up with a lap quilt.  But, our son had gotten married, so I thought it would be nice to make them a quilt.  They had a queen-size bed, so I ended up making more blocks than the rest of the class.  They taught a nice variety of piecing and applique, and using hexagons as well.  My daughter-in-law chose the pink and lavender color scheme, and I used some striped fabrics to add movement to the quilt.  It was strange working with colors I wouldn't have chosen for myself.  I set the blocks on point, with plain blocks alternating.  The plain blocks have some trapunto in them.  I hand quilted the whole thing.  The heart blocks in the border were from a book by Joyce Schlotzauer.  I later took a class from her, too, on her curved two-patch method, and learned to draft blocks with the curved seams in the place of straight seams on what would have been half-square triangles.  It gave a new look to old blocks.

After our son and this first wife were divorced, I got custody of the quilt.  I will offer it to our oldest granddaughter when she gets her own place.

I will be leaving in a couple of hours to see our doctor and find out what will happen next to figure out what's wrong with my knee and how to fix it.  The ER doctor told me to be sure and say hello to her.  He used to work at the same hospital with her and recognized her name on my chart when he saw me Saturday.

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  1. smiling at the fact you got custody of the quilt; your granddaughter shall be a lucky young woman when it becomes hers!

    I'm praying you get a good report today!