Monday, November 7, 2011

Home again.

After visiting all the special exhibits at the quilt show on Sunday, and doing a bit more shopping, we got on the bus to return to Rockport.  We pulled in to the parking lot at the Ace Hardware store at about 1845.  Bill was there waiting, and it was lovely to see him.  I had such a grand time at the quilt show, but I'm so glad to be home, too.  It was heavenly to get into my very own bed last night!

I did set the alarm and made it up in time to go to the Piecemakers by the Bay guild meeting this morning.  It was the first one I had been to in well over a year.  How I've missed all those ladies.  I've made up my mind that whatever else comes along in our family, I NEED to spend some time with quilters again.  That's just not negotiable.  I'll make supper early on Wednesday night so I can get to the Wednesday Night group, too.  There's something so healing about being around quilters.  My mom is in much worse condition in the last few weeks, which is very difficult.

Okay, that's enough whining.  Now I'll tell you that I only bought one piece of fabric at the show.  It's an indigo print from South Africa.  It looks like a print from the late 1800s, and for good reason--the rollers for printing the fabric came from mills in England that closed and sold them to the company in South Africa.  They had a lot of different prints.  It's pretty amazing for me to only buy one piece, though.  I'll have to tell you about my stash.....

I also found pics of two of the pairs of my favorite socks--Laurel Burch designs--that I bought at the show.  Color me happy.  In my opinion, there's no good reason why anybody should have to wear dull socks.  Most of the ones I chose have cats on them, but a couple have dogs, and one has a horse.  They're wonderful!  If you're not familiar with them, you can Google her name and socks, and lots of pics will show up.


  1. Pat I'm glad you had a good trip but sorry to hear about your mom :(

  2. Me, too, Mary. It's painful to see her so confused and miserable, and to know how much she hates knowing that her mind is going. :(

  3. I didn't realize she was health issues - so sad!