Sunday, November 13, 2011

So, yesterday I had gotten as far as having enough of the piecing done to cover the oversized flannel pattern pieces.  The next step was to baste them together well enough that things weren't going to shift around during the quilting process.  Since I planned on a lining for the coat, I wanted to just quilt the flannel to the pieced fabric.  I also wanted to use the Mettler hologram thread, for lots of glitter.  I had found in other projects that I didn't like using it on the top, since it tended to shred and break often enough to inspire me to new levels of creative cursing, so I decided to mark the quilting lines onto the flannel, put the hologram thread into the bobbin, and quilt from the back.  I used my spiral template to mark the quilting lines, using it so that some of the spirals appeared to be behind the others.  You can see the quilting in the closeup above.  When I started the project, I had copied my size of the pattern on Do-Sew and cut it out.  So now I pinned the pattern pieces onto the quilted pieces and cut out the jacket pieces.  After sewing them together, I made a lining from one of the batiks in the pieced part, and put it in.  I named the jacket "Under the Sea".  It got juried into the show in Houston several years ago.  It didn't win anything, but just having something juried in is SO exciting.  I don't think it would ever get old.  The judge's comments said it had too many colors in it.  But since I love lots of color, I just figured that when we enter something in a show, we pay for the judge's opinion, and that's what we get.  :)

Wearing quilted garments has pretty much gone out of style, it would seem, but I still wear this jacket to quilt shows.  It's my Circus Pony gaudy glittery fun jacket.  And I wear it with my Laurel Burch socks.  :)


  1. I love seeing the detail. I see what you mean now by keeping the fish together. You love a puzzle don't you! :)

  2. I forgot to mention that the nicest part about quilting from the back is that there's no worry about whether the marking of the quilting lines will come out. :)