Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Value changes everything.

Would you have guessed that this is the same combination of blocks as the little quilts yesterday?  Look closely--it is indeed the Snowball and 9 patch blocks, but the dark and light fabrics are in different places, and the muslin has been replaced by a 1930s type lavender solid fabric.

I had a bunch of the light background 1930s prints to work with.  I didn't really like them much, but when used with this lavender, they aren't bad.  The little quilts look sort of like beads on sticks to me, but this one looks like lavender lozenges.  The 9 patches in the body of the quilt have 5 lavender squares and 4 print squares.  In order for them to flow into the border, the 9 patches in the border have 5 print squares and 4 lavender squares.  I donated this top to the guild and someone else quilted it for the Fire Quilt collection.

Here's a pic to show more clearly how the border works with the rest of the quilt top:

And you can also see a bit of my full-spectrum fluorescent lighting, LOL.

There are a lot of other options for value placement for this combination of blocks.  You can see some of them by Googling "Snowball and 9Patch quilts".


  1. What a difference! You'd never know that both quilts were from the same pattern.

    What is the Fire Quilt collection?

  2. Whenever a family in our area loses their home to a fire, we give them quilts. Recently an apartment building burned down, so it was a good thing we had a bunch of quilts ready.

  3. Ooops, it's the quilt guild, Piecemakers By The Bay, that donates the Fire Quilts.