Friday, November 25, 2011

Just for fun...

If you have time today, then just for fun, cut a rectangle of fabric measuring 5.5" X 3", and two contrasting 3" squares of fabric either much lighter or much darker than the rectangle fabric.  Put one of the squares down with the right side of the fabric up.  Fold the rectangle in half with the right side out, and place it on the square with the fold away from you, and carefully align the raw edges on the side closest to you.  Then put the last square on top with the raw edge lined up at the bottom.  Then take this to the sewing machine, making sure that the fold in the rectangle stays on the side furthest from you, and carefully sew a quarter inch seam along the right side of the unit.  Then  fold back that top square and press the seam.  Now carefully open the folded fabric and press so that you have a flying geese unit, and press.  There you have a one-seam 3D flying geese unit.

I learned this in a seminar from Ricky Tims, and he said he learned it from a lady in England when he was over there teaching quilting.  There is a video clip on YouTube here that shows exactly how to do it, and you can see the quilt he made using this technique.

It's easy to make this in other sizes, too.  The width of the rectangle will always be the same as the side of the squares, and the length will always be two times the measurement of the squares minus 1/2".  As an example, if the squares are 2.5", the rectangle will be 2.5" X 4.5".  Or, if the squares are 3.5", the rectangle will be 3.5" X 6.5".  Have fun with this one!  :)


  1. Best Thanksgiving post ever!!! double thumbs up!!

  2. You must have read this one while I was still editing it, LOL. I added another paragraph after posting it, to make sure folks could change the size of the units.

  3. Actually that comment was meant for your picture post; I don't know how it ended up here!! I need to start paying more attention!