Friday, December 2, 2011

A Single Irish Chain with Friendship Stars

A few years ago, around this time of year, my niece's kids were all here.  I invited them to look at some quilt books to see what they would like for quilts.  The oldest girl, Caitlin, liked jewel tones, and liked the looks of the Irish Star quilts.  I had a bunch of former TOBE (Treadle On Block Exchange) blocks in the simple 6" Friendship Star pattern that were jewel tones, so all I had to do was dig out a bunch of jewel tone fabrics from my stash and make a bunch of 6" Nine Patches to go with them.  I sent it out to be machine-quilted, since it was going off to college with Caitlin.  The other picture shows, left to right, my great-nephew Griffin (I'll show you his quilt another day), my sister-in-law Sandy, my niece's husband Mike, Caitlin, my brother, my niece Wendy who's the mom of the kids, and my great-niece Madeline, who's still cranky about being the middle child.  Caitlin is now in an internship with an architectural firm in Boston.  She's in Rice's Architecture program.

To make just a Single Irish Chain, all you need is Nine Patches, and plain squares alternating with them.

I'm adding a picture of the quilt after it was machine quilted.

I find it delightful that two such simple blocks can result in a happy quilt.

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