Thursday, December 8, 2011

More about reversible quilts

For these 3 quilts, I made things a bit more complicated for myself.  For the batik side, I used two different batiks for the large triangles.  For the fabric strips on that side, I cut a lot of light strips and a lot of darker strips.  Then I used half of the lighter strips with the darker batik, and the other half with the lighter batik, then half of the dark strips with the dark batik and half with the light batik.  Is your head aching yet?  Mine was.  ;0  For the other side, I had two oriental type large prints, one lighter than the other, and did the same--cut lots of darker oriental prints and lots of lighter oriental prints, and did them half-and-half, to end up with 4 different blocks for each side of the quilt.  When I sewed them together with their sashing, I got a more complex Sunshine and Shadows effect on the oriental side of the queen-size quilt, and if you squint your eyes a little, you can see large stars on the batik side.  I had enough blocks to also make two twin-size quilts, too, and while one is also done in the Sunshine and Shadows, the other was a Straight Furrows arrangement that zigged a bit here and there--I don't have a good pic of them.  I made them for my DSIL.  Not long after I made them, DB called and said, "Thanks for the @%&*# quilts!  Now I have to redo both the guest rooms!"  Haha.  The guest rooms turned out beautifully.  The one with the queen bed is furnished and painted to complement the oriental side of that quilt, and the other bedroom with the twin beds is done up to look great with the batik side.

The pics of the queen size quilt were taken with ladies holding them off the balcony upstairs here, about the only place we could get a pic of the whole thing.  The twins are on the guest room beds, but I turned the one over to show the oriental side.

I wouldn't recommend someone try to do this multiple block thing right off the bat, as it was a bit complex even for me.  But you might want to try one of the little 16 block quilts just for fun.  Or, maybe a table runner--it could be Christmas colors on one side, and 4th of July on the other, or just about any holiday combo you like.  And because it's quilted, it would protect the table top from hot dishes as a bonus.

Tomorrow I'll talk about the double sided binding.  :)

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