Monday, December 12, 2011

Laced Star Friendship quilt

This is another of the Friendship quilts I made with the group in Michigan.  This block is fairly simple, but although it's pieced in quarters and then sewn together, the quarter of a block isn't square--it's a triangle, with the long side of the triangle on the outside of the block, and the point at the center of the block.  When piecing it, it's necessary to be careful to get the four different fabrics in just the right positions to create the illusion of the pieces crossing over each other, or "lacing" together.  I asked my friends to use black for the background, and any two reds and green to teal greens for the other two fabrics.  Once I had all the blocks, I used a lovely Hoffman Christmas stripe in ivory with green, red, and gold to frame each block.  Since every corner is mitered, after cutting the frames for the blocks, I had lots of triangles of the striped fabric left over.  Not wanting them to go to waste, I sewed them all together into little squares, measured the size, then cut the black sashing the same width and used the little stripe squares as the cornerstones of the sashing.  I wish I had a better picture so you could see how pretty it is in real life.

If you haven't really used stripes very much in your quilting, you might want to try it--cutting them into triangles and re-sewing them can make some really interesting effects, and you can use the resulting squares anyplace you would have used a plain square in a block.

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