Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mom's third quilt

So, after Pop passed away, Mom decided to get rid of their double bed and bought a day bed with a trundle bed underneath, in case she had an overnight guest. They were living in Sunset Village, a senior apartment place in a suburb of Grand Rapids, MI. A year later, Mom decided she would move down to Texas, since both her children were living here in Rockport. She looked at some senior housing in Corpus Christi, and chose Trinity Towers. There was a bit of a wait for her apartment, so she stayed with us for 6 weeks. She enjoyed living there. But the day came when she realized (after several trips to the E.R. for falls mainly due to forgetting her meds) that it was time to move in with us for a while. So, we figured she needed a nice new quilt to celebrate the move. She went to my fabric stash and chose around 20 purples and 20 pinks, and chose the background fabric. Someone had shown me a quilt in this pattern, and I drew the block and put down the measurements, so I was able to piece it easily. Our Siamese, Arwen Undomiel, tested and approved the quilt. Mom still loves it. This spring, she decided that it was time to move to a nursing home. She chose one that's only 4 miles from us. I'm glad she did. Her dementia has gotten much more advanced. She gets paranoid about people, and would be very difficult to have at home now, but seems to do pretty well with the nursing home staff most of the time. She still has one of my quilts on her bed there, along with the wall hanging you can see above her day bed in the picture above the day bed picture. The story on that was that even though I hate doing applique, I did love Patricia Campbell's Jacobean designs. One of her books had these quilt designs. They were supposed to be larger blocks, but the illustrations in the book were 7", so I made these in that size. I did machine applique. The small pieces were excruciating to do, but thank goodness I stayed with only 9 blocks. The real fun with that one was choosing the fabrics for the blocks. I love working with color.

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