Thursday, March 29, 2012

It's been a while since I've visited here.  I've been getting through the things that needed to be done, working on getting Mom's estate stuff done, which didn't take a long time--she had her ducks in a row, which made it so much easier.  If you don't have a recent will and an executor or -trix that knows where everything is, please do get that done.  Make things simple for your loved ones.

It's been a good news-bad news situation since the last post.  Good news--Bill had his biopsies done, and the bladder cancers are gone for now.  He will have more chemo in a couple of months, and another round 3 months after that, just to make sure.  Then we had to have our elderly Shar Pei put down.  Then Bill had his prostate surgery, which went well.  Then, I was wandering around looking at dogs on PetFinders and spotted these little ladies.  We knew that if we got another dog, it would need to be small, so we would still be able to boost it in the car easily.  We knew we wanted an adult dog, past the chewing stage, and housebroken.  These girls are Toy Fox Terriers, and are supposed to weigh 7 pounds each, but were a bit overweight when we got them.  Brownie the Shar Pei weighed around 45 pounds in her younger days, so we calculated that it would take 6.5 of these little ones to match her weight, LOL.  We're working on getting the ladies down to 7 pounds.  They were very poorly socialized, having come from a breeder who was 91 when she released them to the dog rescue in San Antonio where we got them.  They still aren't entirely sure that Bill isn't going to skin and eat them, since apparently the only men they ever saw would have been a plumber or handyman once in a great while.  They have imprinted on me, and follow me everywhere, which has greatly simplified the leash training.  Molly is the one with the very narrow blaze on her forehead--she has found that Bill is a Giver Of Cheese, so she's thinking he might be okay.  Dolly, with the wide white blaze, is reserving judgement.

I have been selling off my collection of antique and vintage sewing machines, since I can no longer carry them myself, but have begun collecting some Singer Featherweight machines.  They are light enough to not stress my knee unduly. So far, I have a lovely crinkle finish machine from 1939, and am hoping to get a machine from the first batch of Featherweights ever made, in 1933.  I've picked up 3 machines just to work on, and to pass on to other buyers eventually.  I'm thinking of having one painted in some outrageous color, since its paint is damaged anyway.

And I'm beginning to see some progress on getting my studio back into working order.  I am getting the urge to do some quilting again, at last!


  1. My buddy Doris came over this evening and sat on the couch with the little dogs and me. Miss Molly ended up inching closer and closer to Doris, so that she could soak up more petting. Miss Dolly also got petting, although she's still a lot more timid.

  2. Enjoy your new doggies. I can't imagine not having a dog or two around (we have 2).

  3. I've missed your posts and just wanted to squeeeeeee! when I saw an email update this morning! I'm so glad to hear you're getting back to normal and that Bill is doing well too.